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Ever since I found out I was having girls, I’ve day dreamed about all the girly room decorating that we’ll do in the years to come. I love little girls clothing, but little girls rooms have my decorating heart! It probably comes from when I was growing up, my mom always made decorating our rooms such a fun experience. From picking out the paint colors, to the bedding and decor, we were always a part of the decision making process in all our room makeovers over the years (and there was a lot of them!!)

Ever since I decorated my son’s nursery 5 years ago, I’ve been loving all things kid/toddler/baby decor related. Every other room in our house is still being put together, bare walls and mix-matched items, but the kids rooms are completely done and magazine ready!

Because of my love for all sorts of littles rooms, I’ve started a new blog series called Littles Rooms Roundup! I’ll post each week different kid themes and color designs, and search for the best swoon-worthy kids rooms I can find that will be sure to inspire!

And, if you’re like me, you’ll find some amazing Instagram accounts to follow to fill up your feed with the best decor eye candy!!

This weeks Little Rooms Roundup Theme – The Best Pretty Pastels  Kids Rooms on Instagram 

I’ve fallen in love with little girls rooms that are decorated in the Scandinavian/Nordic/Aussie design style. Pretty pastels, whimsy decor pieces, dreamy clouds and swans and unicorns, everything is so magical! Each of these rooms are a little girls whimsical wonderland! Enjoy!


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Shelfie shuffle in Miss Lola's room 💕

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Which is your favorite?? I just love them all!!

Anybody else obsessed with pretty pastels and Scandinavian decor trends?

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