mad mamas in minivans

A Public Service Announcement to all traffic cops and anyone else that drives alongside me while my babies are in the car:

Know that I’m not a crazy, road-raging lunatic.

I’m not driving under the influence and I do not wanna race you.

There is reasoning behind my continuous pumping of the brake at a red light and why I cruise through a stop sign and why I gas it when the light turns green.

If you’re a fellow parent, you know. You know the reasoning behind the madness.

You know what happens when all is calm and quiet in the car… and then all the sudden the light turns red, or traffic builds up and all you see is brake lights up head..

You start to brake and once you come to a complete stop you say a silent prayer in your head…

Please don’t wake up, PLEASE DON’T WAKE UP!!!

And then you hear it.

One starts to cry.

Then the crying wakes the other. Soon your car is filled with ear piercing wails and you’ll do whatever it takes to make it stop…

Hence the pumping the break at the red light…

Cruising through a stop sign…

And gassing it as soon as the light turns green…

So the next time you see a crazy lady in a minivan (AKA: Me!) whose chomping at the bits to pass you, revs up her engine as she drives by you, it’s nothing personal.

It’s not about you.

It’s just about us trying to keep what little sanity we have left by keeping our car moving and keeping our littles asleep and quiet.

Happy Driving! And watch out for us mad mamas in our minivans 🙂

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Any other mamas in the same boat?? Or am I the only mad mama out on the road?

Do yall have any tricks up your sleeve to keep your babies calm in the car? (Maybe ones that don’t require you to commit a traffic violation…ha)

This mad mama in a minivan needs all the sanity-helping tips she can get!

*If the hope of sleepy babies and kiddos goes out the window, some of the items below  helped us get through car rides when Cade was younger and helped keep him entertained…or you can use the “turn up the radio as loud as you can” method…I won’t judge 🙂
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