Secondary Infertility Part two

Maybe it’s my progesterone?

Since it was low with Cade, maybe I still have low progesterone now. I could take the same medicine I had taken in the early months that I was pregnant with Cade and that would solve it. I’ll talk with Dr S at my appointment about my progesterone…THAT I’m sure is the answer!

So my appointment with my Dr S went well, I’m so glad she didn’t ride me off with the dreaded fertility answer “let’s wait a year and then look into it”. I wanted to be pregnant YESTERDAY so I was glad she had plans to get lab work on me right away. We tested my Progesterone, FSH, and Estradiol. A woman’s body has surges of each these hormones at different times in your cycle, and they are all needed to help you ovulate and conceive. FSH and Estradiol were at normal levels, but Progesterone was low.

The tough thing about testing Progesterone is you need to know when you ovulated to test it on the correct day. I told Dr Speight how I was having difficulty with the home ovulation kits, I tried 2 months with multiple brands and never got a +. She started wondering if I was even ovulating at all, since my progesterone kept coming back low.

After AF came again we moved on to the next step: Clomid.

Clomid basically tells your body to release the hormones needed to stimulate ovulation. So of course, I start googling everything there is to know about this drug and what its side effects are. I’m sure cancer was one of them. (No not really. Clomid does not cause cancer.) Mostly I was finding page after page about multiples.

Now you know there’s a 10% risk of having multiples with Clomid, right? Dr S’s nurse, M told me. (Who btw is now my new best friend, AKA the phone call I’m always anxiously awaiting and simultaneously completely dreading)

Yes I’m aware of it.

 And you still want to take it, correct?


Didn’t she know I wanted to be pregnant, like YESTERDAY?! Of course I want to take it.

Ok. Dr S also wants you to do a Follicular Ultrasound Series while taking Clomid.

A what?

Follicular Ultrasound Series. You will take Clomid from CD3-7, and then around CD 10 you will come in everyday and have an ultrasound to watch your follicles grow. When they get to around 2cm or larger, we can give you a trigger shot, which helps the mature follicle release the egg. Monitoring it this way will tell us exactly if/when you ovulate.


Did yall know that science can do this? I for sure didn’t. I thought, man yall are on top of it! I’m DEFINITELY going to get preggo this month!

I mean, with all this monitoring how could I not??


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