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Lately with the Joneses!

Christmas and Playroom Recap and What’s Ahead for We’re the Joneses Lately with the The Joneses It’s 2017! I can’t believe it’s almost February and I can’t believe Georgia and Genevieve are already 10 months! Eeeeek their one year birthday is coming up fast! I had someone ask me the other day about what their birthday […] Read more…

My Wish List (An Easy Guide for My Hubby!)

Christmas Wish List Casual Fashion Casual Tees Fun Tees Humor Tees Mom Tees Rose Gold Rose Gold Accessories Rose Gold Jewelry Crawler Earrings Pearl Flower Bracelet Rose Gold Bracelet Rose Gold Necklace Rose Gold Choker Bow Choker

While my favorite thing to get as gifts are decor items for our home and house projects, Bryan still likes to get me a few fun gifts for myself. He told me, “Make a wish list! Give me some ideas!” And of course, I can’t just make a regular ole list with pencil and paper…I […] Read more…

Rose Gold Christmas

Rose Gold Christmas Decor Rose Gold Gift Ideas

Rose Gold….Oh I’m such a lover of this beautiful glam color! A few years ago I discovered rose gold jewelry and have just become in love with rose gold ever since! I think it all happened when my mom and I were picking out jewelry at Dallas Market for our boutique, and one of our favorite […] Read more…

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