No Truckin’ Around, my New Home will be CLEAN {NOT!}

So a lil secret about moi: I’m not the best house wife….

I let dirty dishes sit in the sink.

Laundry baskets can be piled for days.

Our bathroom counter is covered with my hair products, lotions, and probably 5 different self tanners that if you’ve seen me lately, can tell I haven’t used since college.

I am 28 years old and I’m just now trying to get into the routine of making my bed every morning! (No really, this was one of my “attainable” New Years resolutions)

And…..Cade’s toys (mostly trucks) are literally in EVERY SINGLE ROOM of our house right now.

monster truck mater and john deer tractor wow toys garbage truck red truck from Gruene knick knacks vintage fire truck lightning mcqueen and other toys lots of truck in the sink monster truck mater and john deer tractor

Cade is obsessed with trucks.

No really, like OBSESSED. He can spot an ambulance driving a mile down the road and always yells “We’re Saved!!!”

Kids say the funniest things.

If I’m really exhausted while reading Cade’s favorite bedtime story and I mess up and call the excavator a backhoe, he’ll politely correct me, “No mommy. It’s EXCOOVADUR”.  I mean, how dare I get those two mixed up!

His first birthday party theme was construction themed.

me and cade 1st birthday


His second birthday was Fire Truck themed. If you can’t tell, he was OVER THE MOON when the fire truck came to visit!

Cade 2nd birthday fire truck

His 3rd birthday might be in the midst of our new house being complete, I might slip the construction workers some cash to stick around and have construction themed birthday party: the sequel.

Trucks, cars, tractors, trains consume our house. I literally found this car in my bed last night…

toy story dinosaur jeep

This Toy Story Jeep is pretty intense and would’ve scared the bleep outa me if it went off in the middle of the night.

What’s insane is that we STILL have this many toy trucks after completely cleaning out this house to be staged when we put it on the market…

Cade with legos on the floor



I’m going to have a perfectly spotless, immaculately clean, dishes always put away, laundry baskets empty, AND zero scattered toy trucks, house once we move into our new home. I promise!!!!

You see, this is me tricking myself...

 “When we move into the new house, THEN I will be better!”

Do yall ever do that??

“When I have/get/buy ____(fill in the blank), THEN I will be better/cleaner/healthier/etc etc etc”)

“When I get that new car I’ll never eat/let my kids eat in it!”

“Now that we have this white bedspread, the dogs are sleeping on the floor!”

“You wanna eat in my living room?? Beige and white foods ONLY!” ß{one of my fav SATC episodes, you gotta check it out if you haven’t seen it}

But you see, with these kinds of set rules and high expectations, I’m just setting myself and my family up for failure. If I think the way we live is just going to up and change once we move into our new home, well I am just crazy!

Not doing the dishes right away because Cade’s super excited that his Daddy just got home from work, and he wants all 3 of us to play his favorite game hide and seek

Laundry baskets always full because Cade is his father’s son and spills everything on his clothes, and plays in his sandbox every night which always means there’s laundry to be done

Not ever eating in the car? Well, that is just insane. One of mine and Cade’s favorite outings on a sluggish day is going through the Chick fil a drive through while listening to the Kidd Kraddick Morning show on my Kpod.

And even though I want to imagine my new home to be a place that will always be sparkly and spotless, with picturesque décor with swoon-worthy vignettes, and perfect furniture placement filled with fresh cut flowers in every room….

I know this not to be my reality. For one, Cade would be knocking down every vase with flowers, and then would probably try to drink the water.

So, this is not one of those Pinterest-type posts where I give you a printable list of “How to keep your house clean – just 15 minutes a day!” and you hang it on your fridge…

No, this is a different kind of post. One where I say this: try to embrace your messiness. I know that even though Bryan comes home to a toy truck infested sandy floors house 99.9% of the time, we are doing our best with this crazy thing called Life. With. A Kid. We are laughing, and loving, and furniture jumping, and lego building, and hide and seeking under those covers of our unmade bed.

So mamas let’s embrace all our messiness, shall we? Let’s try our best to not stress over the little stuff…especially when our kids are this age…I have to keep reminding myself that this is not the time that I will have my house in complete order. And it’ll probably be a long while when that will ever happen. When they’re off to college? Maybe then!

When I’m 44 I’m sure I’ll be making my bed every morning….Maybe….


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