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Valentine's Date Night Inspo

Happy Friday and Happy Love Month!

Do yall have any date night plans for Valentine’s Day yet?

I feel like Valentine’s Day is such a hard day to celebrate on, because it doesn’t always fall on the weekends, and now that we have three kids, there’s no going out on weeknights!

We’v’e never been the crazy go-over-the-top for Valentine’s type, but we usually try to celebrate by going to a nice date night or having a nice dinner at home.

Any excuse to get out and enjoy a date night these days and I’ll take it!

Bryan usually will get me flowers and chocolate (my two loves) but we don’t go nuts with gifts either. With kids, it’s really more about getting them fun Valentine’s-themed gifts and treats! Cade loves all holidays, and gets so excited when a there’s something special and fun to celebrate. It’s fun picking him out cute little things to set out on the table for Valentine’s Day morning and to see his face when he comes in the room and sees it all!

Cade has a Valentine’s lock-in at his school on Friday night (the weekend before Valentine’s Day) and so Bryan’s mom is going to watch the girls for us while we go out to a nice dinner and maybe a movie. I wanted to pick out a fun new outfit for our Valentine’s date night, and thought I’d see what all the craze was about these cute velvet dresses lately! While doing my date night dress search, I found a TON of cute Valentine’s date night outfit inspiration, and wanted to pass it along!

All of these shoes are perfect for a Valentine’s date night, or any other night on the town! All  under $55!

Valentine's Day Shoe Inspiration


All of these adorable pink, blush, and red dresses are under $25! And so perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Date Night Dress Inspiration



The dress I ordered is the pink velvet dress in the middle! Can’t wait to try it on and show yall how it looks!

Hope you love the Valentine’s Date Night Outfit Inspo! Have a great weekend!

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