One Year Ago…


This EXACT time one year ago I received another upsetting phone call from my OB’s nurse repeating those awful three words I’ve heard her say to me many times before,

You’re Not Pregnant

“I’m Sorry, it didn’t work this time”.

Followed by these words,

We don’t know where to go from here…

We’ve tried everything that we can…

We want to send you to a fertility doctor who can take this on.”

Part of me was completely crushed.

You don’t know where to go from here? How can this be? I’ve already gotten pregnant before, what is so different this time??

But the other part of me was a little relieved.

Finally, I will be able to know what is wrong this time around. This doctor will be able to give me some answers. He’ll be able to fix it and I’ll finally get pregnant…

A couple weeks later I walked into my Reproductive Endocrinologist’s office for the very first time. The next day I underwent the very painful HSG dye test and received the devastating news –

“You’re left fallopian tube is blocked

“You have a 1-2% chance of conceiving naturally”

The news was completely devastating, but my doctor was confident that we could still get pregnant.

The next year was a roll coaster of emotions, an assortment of medications and tests and treatments, with lots of failures and a few successes. There was a lot of heartache along the way, but we still hung on to hope.

No matter how broken we felt, we never gave up.

And I’m SOOO glad we didn’t. Because we wouldn’t have had this incredible, miraculous, joyful beyond words news to share with you!!!


The Jones Family has some exciting news to share!!! Watch the Video Below 🙂

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