Tropical Summer Dining Room Table

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Summer Table Deor Flamingo Pineapple Lemon Tropical Decor

Summer decorating 101:

Pineapples check

Flamingos check

Lemons check

Tropical Leaves check

Is it just me or are all of these things an absolute MUST this summer?!?

And if you’ve read my Tropcial Leaves post and Tassles post, where I’ve mentioned this before, what is trendy in the fashion world, usually makes it way to be on trend for the design world… (or vice versa!)

I just painted my dining room this dramatic midnight blue and while I’m still in design mode for the room, I wanted to put together an easy and fun summer tablescape to help brighten up the room for the remainder of the summer.

I found these placemats for super cheap at Homegoods, I only had 4 of the yellow and white polka dots, so I mixed in the lime green tassel ones on the two ends for a pretty contrast.

The lemon napkins were also a Homegoods find. Homegoods for the win, once again! They’re Kate Spade so I also found them online too!

The tropical flamingo and pineapple plates are from Target, they had some other styles too that were super cute!

The monstera leaves are from Ikea, and if y’all watch my Instagram stories, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention that Ikea seriously has the best faux foliage! If you don’t have an Ikea near you, they sell some of their faux plants and stems online!

Summer Table Deor Flamingo Pineapple Lemon Tropical Decor

Summer Table Deor Flamingo Pineapple Lemon Tropical Decor

I like to add a little bit of “life” to a table, so I’ll usually cut some stems from random plants in my garden to add to my tables, but these stems are actually from the indoor plant in the corner that I’ve managed to keep alive for a whole year.

It seems to not be doing so great lately, and so I thought maybe I should use a few good stems it has left before it kicks the bucket.

For someone who has a horticulturist as a mom and who studied Floral Design in college, I am pretty bad at keeping plants alive.

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What are your favorite things to decorate with for summer?? Anything tropical/fruity is where my decorator heart’s at…they get me every time!

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If you love it - Share it!

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