Microblading 101: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Microblading!

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Microblading 101 All you ever wanted to know about Microblading

So…have yall heard of Microblading?

I honestly had NEVER even heard the term until one day last Fall my friend and I were having a girls spa day and I saw a pamphlet in the waiting room. I saw a bunch of before and after pictures of eyebrows, and thought what the heck is this??

I’ve never been one to be super into my eyebrows (I’ve never even gotten my eyebrows waxed!) they’ve always just been…there.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to define the shape a little bit with a pencil, only if I was going out for a nice evening or special occasion, and I had unlimited amounts of time to get ready…which, hasn’t been since like 2011…B.C. (Before Cade!)

So really, I never paid much attention to my brows. But lately, it seems like everywhere I look I see women with gorgeous, dark, full well maintained eyebrows, and I started thinking, OK that looks so good! Maybe this is a facial feature I’m supposed to pay more attention to??

Microblading 101 Video Series What is Microblading

From what I’ve learned over the last couple of months is that it’s not necessarily a new procedure, Microblading has been performed in salons in Europe for awhile (those Europeans are always ahead of us in the fashion/beauty world aren’t they?!) but it’s gotten REALLY popular in the US just over the last few years. I didn’t realize how popular this procedure is now until I started researching it online more and more and I started seeing it in every magazine and talk show beauty segment!

I think it’s becoming more popular (just like eyelash extensions too!) because as millennial women living in this super fast past, multi-tasking world we live in, our days are more hectic and busier than ever. And whether you work full-time, part-time, work at home, or are stay at home mom, I think we can all agree that the last thing we want to spend our precious time doing is a full makeup routine everyday!

That’s why things like eyelash extensions and microblading are so awesome and why I love them so much, because you can literally wake up already feeling put together with little to no effort. (Can I get an Amen for that!)

When I started researching Microblading, I found a lot of details online but didn’t really know who to talk to locally or where to start looking for a place to go. I mean, this is a part of your face you really don’t wanna mess up! However, then I came across these pieces of information from onestoplashes.com, which helped me make a decision. 

I started asking around, and my hairdresser told me there was a lady who was AMAZING at makeup and Microblading down the hall from her in the salon, and I should check her out!

I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to expect when I first met with Desiree from @eyelovedallas for my initial Microblading Consultation. But she was super sweet and gave me all the details about everything Microblading!

Once I decided to take the plunge, I wanted to give you guys an all-access behind the scenes look at my Microblading journey. I didn’t really know anyone personally who had had the procedure before I did, and I felt like I needed to share my experience with y’all! (cuz let’s face it, I feel like we are all BFFs!)

I made several videos for y’all to follow along my Microblading journey from my very first consultation, to the weeks after my touch-up appointment!

Here is my video where I talk about my appointment, what Microblading is, and what the next steps are after this first consult.

There’s several guidelines that you have to be aware of and follow in preparation before your appointment, so in this Microblading 101: Part Two video, I talk about those details and how I prepped for my appointment!

The day is here!!!

In the Part Three video, I show y’all all the behind the scenes the day of the Microblading procedure, and talk with Desiree on how she gets me measured and prepped, how bad it hurts, and other burning questions and details about Microblading!

Desiree | Eye Love Dallas

AHHHH and here is my reveal video!

Watch to see what my eyebrows look like right when the Microblading procedure is complete!

I also show you a little closer look once I get back home, share tips and guidelines for after care and talk about the next steps, including when you go back for touch ups.

Desiree | Eye Love Dallas

What do yall think?!?

I was pretty shocked anytime I looked into the mirror those first few days because it was such a difference! But, the intensity and color dies down a lot after that first week, the brows start to heal and you start to get used to the new look and shape.

About a month later, I went back in for my touch up appointment with Desiree.

In this last video you’ll get to see videos from my touch up appointment and pictures two weeks later of my FINAL results!

Desiree | Eye Love Dallas

I am SOOOOOO happy with my Microblading results and I think it makes such a difference for my facial features. I was pretty nervous to make a big change (especially one that’s semi-permanent AND on my face!) but I’m so glad I decided to go for it.

Let me know if y’all have any Microblading related questions! I searched and searched online before I went in for my procedure, trying to find out all I could beforehand, so I am happy to help anybody else who’s thinking about doing it.

Drop a question in the comments section and I’ll be sure to answer anything y’all wanna know!

Happy Microblading!

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  1. Ahh it looks so good! I’ve been wanting to do this but every time I try to tell my husband about it he acts like I’m getting a tattoo on my face. I need to show him your videos!

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