Decor Crushing: Blushing Over Blush

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I’m  just blushing over blush right now, who else is with me??

I’ve started a new series called Decor Crushing, and my first crush goes to one of my favorite hues to decorate with and that’s blush! I’m still a little weary of the Pantone Color of the Year being Ultra Violet and not a variation of blush tone, but I guess it’s okay since Rose Quartz was the chosen color just two years ago…ha!

According to me though 2018 is going to be ALL about blush! (Can I start my own Joneses Color of the Year??)

When I talk about decorating with blush, I kinda group several colors together including rose gold, light pink, peach, apricot, dusty rose. These are all colors I’ve seen in the description section when browsing home decor websites. Any way you want to call it they all have that soft pastel tone that I’ve been going crazy over lately!

I think it’s because blush is so versatile, it can used as a neutral tone while still adding a little bit of femininity and freshness to a room. It’s a great option to add a little bit of depth and variance to a neutral space without going too over the top, or it can help tone down a room that’s already bold and vibrant.

The color blush just has so many talents!

I’ve scoured the internet to find my favorite blush home decor items to show you guys and  maybe inspire you to add some blush to your home this year!


blushing over blush blush decor blush furniture blush pink decor ideas


What do y’all think?? Is blush the un-official 2018 Color of the Year??

Happy decor crushing + blushing!

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