Father’s Day Coffee Bar

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An easy and thoughtful DIY father's day coffee bar a delicious father's day gift idea werethejoneses.com

Coffee LED light up sign


The hubs loves him some coffee.

Nothing fancy. No frills. Just plain black coffee. Pretty boring if you ask me, but hey to each their own!

I was pondering a few weeks ago about what to get Bryan for Father’s Day. Lately, for Christmas and Birthdays we’ve been giving each other gifts that are for the house. New curtains, new furniture, a new porch swing, etc. Those are the best gifts because we love investing in our new home and BONUS both people can enjoy the gift!

One thing about Bryan and I….were not the best organizers. We love to design and decorate and build and repurpose and brainstorm house ideas and work on home projects.

But the organization part…not so much.

We both WISH for an organized home. I think we both wish the other was the organizer/clean-freak type. But most of the time we fall short.

I know that Bryan craves for more organization in our life (which is pretty hard with newborn twins and an almost 4 year old!) So I thought, what is something I can do in some part of our house that I can make more organized? Something that Bryan would appreciate?

And BOOM! The Coffee Bar was born. I probably thought of it late at night after a nighttime feeding when I’m trying to fall back asleep. For some reason this is when my mind likes to wonder into a million different topics and I pretty much just lay there for the next couple hours until the next feeding.

Go figure this would be the time I get my best thinking done.

Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee
“Behind Every Successful Person..” block sign
no coffee no workee block sign
“No Coffee No Workee” block sign
Coffee LED light up sign
Coffee LED Light Up Sign
Double 8 Hook Coat Rack
Double 8 Hook Coat Rack
Countertop stainless steel trash can
Countertop Stainless Steel Trash Can (A MUST for all those used k-cups!)
Solid Iron Mug Tree
Solid Iron Mug Tree
Glass Container with Chalkboard and Clasp Lid
Glass Container with Chalkboard and Clasp Lid
Antique Silver Rectangle Metal Decor Tray
Glass Bottle with Stopper Chalkboard Front
World's Greatest Farter I Mean Father...Mug
World’s Greatest Farter I Mean Father…Mug

Bryan loves coffee mugs with funny sayings on them, so I knew I needs to incorporate some funny mugs. Cade thought the “I mean father..” mug was HILARIOUS. What is it with little boys and farting jokes??

All the additional coffee add-ins are for guests/me. Even though he’ll never use them, I knew he’d appreciate the “organization” of it all!

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Father’s Day Coffee Bar project for the win! Now to the next gift brainstorming…Bryan’s birthday is in less than two weeks!

What are your go-to guy gifts? Any small home projects you’ve done to make your life easier/more organized?

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