The Day We Have Been Waiting For: Our IVF Twin Girls Delivery

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IVF Twin Girls Delivery March 14, 2016: The Day We Have Been Waiting For, And It Was Worth the Wait

March 14 2016

5:42 AM

My phone alarm beeped.

I set it the night before knowing I wouldn’t need it. I had been awake already for an hour, and only went to sleep 2 hours before that. Plus, I get up to pee every 15 minutes like clockwork, soooo….. really no need for an alarm.

But who would want to take the chance of being late to their own scheduled cesarean section? I mean, I’m not going to let myself sleep in, we’ve waited 9 months for this!

2 years and 9 months.

I jump outa bed, go pee for the 13092348 time that night and start getting ready. This was the part I was pretty excited about. I turned my curling iron on, sat in my vanity chair, and started applying my makeup. Like, full makeup foundation and all…

I even got a compliment from my anesthesiologist for my makeup ha

I took my time getting ready. I deserved this. I had made it to this day that no one thought I was going to make. And it was pretty awesome.

6:57 AM

We arrive at labor and delivery.

We are taken back to the prep room where I got my IV, answered a bazillion questions from the nurse, and waited for what seemed like eternity to get wheeled back to the O.R.

I made a big deal about how bad my epidural went with my first delivery, and how my Dr and I discussed me getting a spinal tap and epidural COMBO. At first, the anesthesiologist said real casually, “Nah, you don’t need both…” But after he saw the fear in my eyes (and there might’ve been a few pleading words) he went to talk to my doc and came back to say, “Alright, no prob we’ll do both…”


8:35 AM

I get wheeled by myself into the O.R. Hubbies aren’t allowed to come in until the very last minute before the show starts! Bryan mentioned later that it seemed like FOREVER before they would let him come in!

My worst fear of the whole day was about to happen….the dreaded epidural…

You see, with my first delivery I had a HORRIBLE epidural experience. It was super painful when it was administered, like no other mind-numbing pain I have ever felt before. And it never worked…even after a 10 hour period with 5 added doses by the anesthesiologist! I had high blood pressure, and had to lay on my left side during the ENTIRE labor process, so they think the medicine wasn’t able to flow throughout my body the way it was supposed to…so after 10 hours of not getting the upsides of having an epidural but still the pain of getting it put in, the anesthesiologist came to me and said:

“You got two options: you can continue on and feel everything, or I can take it out and try to put it in again”

I couldn’t decide which was the lesser of two evils, but I thought that only one of the choices had the possibility of me feeling numbness, so I went with option two.

It seemed to work a tiny bit better than the first and after 17 more hours of hard labor, Cade was born.

…But back to this delivery story….

This anesthesiologist seemed to have a pretty high opinion of himself and was quite funny and charming (hence, the mentioning of my full dolled-up makeup) so he did a nice job of putting me at ease. I’m not gonna lie, it hurt like the devil going in, but the buildup in my head was much much worse.

9:04 AM

All the prepping is done, and they FINALLY let Bryan into the room!

At this point I was feeling PRETTY GOOD. I guess this anesthesiologist knew what he was doing after all.

9:17 AM

It was pretty insane how fast everything went. Bryan and I small-talked for what seemed like 2 minutes and then we hear my doc shout “WOaH!!”

“WOaH!!” is never something you want to hear come out of your doctor’s mouth in an operating room. But I was pretty much floating on a cloud, so I didn’t seem to be bothered by it. Bryan on the other hand was a little freaked out.

Next thing we hear her say is…”Well helloooo Miss Genevieve, aren’t you a BIGGG girl!!”

A few seconds go by and then we see the nurses pull down the sheet so we can see my doctor holding up our sweet Genevieve. And yes, she was a big girl!!!

One of the 132094 nurses that was in the room take Genevieve to be checked and cleaned. We hear those first sweet cries and then the nurse shout,

“Seven pounds seven ounces!”

Seriously? Seven and a half pounds are you kidding me?!? Genevieve was my “Baby A” and my “Baby A” was always the smallest of the two. 4 days before my C-section we had our last sonogram where “Baby A” was measuring to be around 6 pounds even.

Don’t ever listen to the sonogram measurements. Total BS. For all we know they are pulling these numbers outa thin air.

9:18 AM

We had no time to contemplate how big our Genevieve was before her sister Georgia was out. She was seven pounds nine ounces.

15 pounds of baby were in me. No wonder I was peeing every 15 minutes.

It was a whirlwind that followed. Lots of commotion, (there was SO many people in the room!) pictures, snuggles, noise, and a feeling of complete joy and happiness.

We made it to the finish line. We were finally there.

No more RE doctor visits.

No more painful injections.

No more hormone medicines.

No more false hopes.

No more negative pregnancy tests.

No more intensive procedures.

No more blood tests.

No more worrying about miscarriages.

No more…

And it was all worth it. It was worth the wait.

I say that, not as a cheesy way to dismiss all the pain we went through while waiting…but because the waiting is what led us to having these exact two perfect little girls at the exact right time God planned for us.

They were finally here. They were healthy and happy. And all was good in the world 🙂


Picture Disclosure: Please excuse any blurriness or graininess…half of these pics were taken by the anesthesiolgist’s assistant (who did a pretty stellar job IMO!) and the other half on my phone camera 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Day We Have Been Waiting For: Our IVF Twin Girls Delivery

  1. Love your blog post it brought me back to when I had my twins almost two years ago I can’t believe it’s been that long time is flying by! Our boys came out at 6lbs 3oz and 6lbs 2oz so pretty big for twins. I kept telling the doctor I was dying and they didn’t believe me but I’m pretty sure that even one more second in there and yes I would have died lol 😉 twin pregnancy is hard but congrats! 🙂 I can’t wait to read more

    1. Hi Krista!!! Thank you and thanks for reading! Yes oh gosh I remember telling mine the same thing!! I would say….Are you sure we can’t go ahead and take them out now??? Are you sure??? Lol ????

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