How To style An Entertainment Center Around A Flatscreen TV

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Does your living room revolve around your flatscreen? Ours did too until we gave the TV corner of our living room a design facelift! Even though the TV is the main source of entertainment in this room, it doesn’t have to steal the spotlight. I wanted our entertainment center to match the modern design of our home, so I turned to Home Depot to find the perfect modern furniture and decor to surround our screen. I’ve listed some helpful tips to show how your entertainment center and surrounding decor can be a stylish focal point of your living room.

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This is our previous entertainment center my husband built when we moved into our house. While it is a great piece (and built really well!) it never felt like the clunky rustic cedar fit in our new modern home. We painted the wall behind it a beautiful slate navy color, and it was hard to even see the new accent wall because the piece was so over powering. Even with the entertainment center being decorated and having a large presence, the TV was still the main focus.


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With our new entertainment center, the focus isn’t directly on the flatscreen but the whole design of the furniture and decor surrounding it. Its modern white design matches our current decor in this space while the openness helps highlight the accent wall behind it.

Visit The Home Depot Blog for my full blog post on my easy tips and tricks to work around your flatscreen by bringing in decorative furniture and decor accents that help steal back the spotlight from your TV!




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11 thoughts on “How To style An Entertainment Center Around A Flatscreen TV

    1. Thanks Jennifer! That has been my struggle before this one too – it’s gotta be functional above everything else! Functional + stylish is a bonus!!

  1. This post could not have come at a more perfect time. My current house has the TV above our mantle, but we move in 19 days and the new house has no fireplace and I was at a loss with what to do for the TV wall. This is simple and fun, I love it! And those storage stools are extra seating if you have more guests than your sofas can accommodate.

    1. That’s so exciting Tilly!! Isn’t it a fun modern way to hang a TV? I love that it’s not clunky and over-powering! And you’re so right about the stools!! I was excited to add some extra seating in here, and it’ll be super helpful at our Super Bowl party this weekend!!

    1. haha my other entertainment center was a mess 99% of the time!! I love that this one doesn’t really let me get it too messy, ha!

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