My Wish List (An Easy Guide for My Hubby!)

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While my favorite thing to get as gifts are decor items for our home and house projects, Bryan still likes to get me a few fun gifts for myself.

He told me, “Make a wish list! Give me some ideas!”

And of course, I can’t just make a regular ole list with pencil and paper…I had to make it pretty and visual!

And even better, some of these items are Amazon Prime, which is Bryan’s favorite way to shop and just about the easiest shopping EVER.

Can you tell we’re a kinda obsessed with Amazon?? (And we’re not even paid to say that…ha.)

So here is my pretty and husband-friendly wish list for the hubby. Can’t wait to see what he picks!!

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How do you give your husband gift ideas?? Do you send him wish lists or does he do his shopping all on his own??

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