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Our official sold sign and Bryan and Cade walking the property in the background

Our official sold sign and Bryan and Cade walking the property in the background


We’re about 8 weeks away from moving into our dream home.

AHHHH!!! I’m beyond excited!!!!!!!!!

Until then, there are SO many things to decide on and get done.

Which furniture should we sale and which should we keep?

Should I keep Cade’s room the same fireman theme, or completely start fresh?

Which pieces can I DIY to help save decorating costs?

How in the world can I persuade my stubborn husband into the IKEA slipcover couch instead of another blah brown leather couch, that he wants???

For now, I’m just going to marvel on the progress that the house has made in the last 4 months. It’s insane to me how fast a house can get built! We were dirt-to-completed framed house in just a week or two! Granted, once the house was framed and tyveked, it did seem to slow down. A LOT. But,  I had just witnessed the speediness of framing that I was thinking the house would be completed in like, a month. We realized the interior is a different story, and takes a lot more time. I guess it doesn’t help that Bryan emails our builder probably once a day with change orders on things that we want to add… But, hey this is our one chance to make this house how we envision it to be, and with the help of property management services, we’re going to make the most of it! (As much as our budget allows, of course!)

Here is our house progress up until now:

(Scroll through photos using arrows on left and right side of the pictures)


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If you love it - Share it!

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