Seven Week Sonogram

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Throwback to this day last year…

Oh was it a big one for me.

We had our 7 week sonogram appointment at my REs office. Walking into that waiting room, I remember not being able to sit still, fidgeting, flipping through magazines I wasn’t even pretending to read, my mind racing.

Is this it?

Did it finally work this time?

Am I actually going to see my baby (babies) on the screen?

I had imagined this moment in my head many many times before.

I knew I had a positive pregnancy test (more like a dozen positive tests, I took so many!) My first beta blood work was through the roof (my first inkling I was pregnant with twins), and it kept going up and up, I was so sick, which I couldn’t have been more thankful for because it helped reassure me each day that I was still pregnant.

But I still couldn’t believe it. I needed the confirmation this sonogram was going to give me. I needed to see it with my own eyes. My heart had been hopeful before…only to be broken again and again.

They say the chance of miscarriage after seeing them on the sonogram goes way down. And I needed that reassurance.

The door opened, my name was called.

After being unable to sit still before, I now seemed to have forgotten how to move. Bryan helped me walk to that first patient room on the left, the one I’d spent so many days in before.

The tech walked out of the room, said she had another patient before me and she would be right back…

More waiting…

Bryan and I sat in silence, we both knew what a big moment this was…there was nothing left to say.

What seemed like an eternity, the sonogram technician came back in to the room. She started to small talk and I remember thinking, please oh please let’s get this going!!

And there it was…

The moment that screen lit up I knew.

I saw both of them right away. Two perfect little beans.

At that moment I lost it. Every emotion I could possibly feel rushed over me all at once.

Joy, happiness, relief, complete bliss, contentment, assurance, comfort, ease, hope.

My eyes were glued to that screen as she talked about all the measurements she was taking. I didn’t want to look away, I didn’t want that appointment to be over, I just wanted to stare at that screen forever and ever.

This day was such a pivotal moment in my infertility journey. I still worried almost every single day up until my delivery, but my seven week sonogram marked a monumental moment for me. I felt like I could finally relax and know that it was actually coming true. I was pregnant, it had worked, I was having two babies, I had an IVF success story.

Soon after we found out we were pregnant with twins, I started making our pregnancy announcement video, you can watch it here. It documents our journey through IVF and those first few months after finding out we were finally pregnant!!! And in case you missed them, you can also check out our gender reveal photos too 🙂

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