Favorite Fall Decor That’s Easy + Affordable

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate. All the burlap, rusted colors, pumpkins, gourds and hay bales I just love it all! Seasonal decorating can get expensive, and sometimes it’s hard to spend lots of money on items that are only out of the attic for a short time each year. I like to find Fall decor that is affordable and cost effective – here are a few of inexpensive options to shop for Fall below!

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It feels a little weird getting out the pumpkins and autumn leaves when it’s still 90 degrees outside in Texas, but filling up my house with all things Autumn helps me get in the Fall spirit even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

I’ve collected decorations over the years that are my seasonal staples, and then I’ll add a little more each year. Seasonal decorating can get expensive, and sometimes it’s hard to spend lots of money on items that are only out of the attic for a short time each year (and also hard to convince the hubs on the purchases!)

That’s why I usually buy most of my bulk seasonal items at discount stores, and add a few higher priced items here and there. My ultimate go-to seasonal store is hands-down, without a doubt Dollar Tree.

EVERY SINGLE THING is a dollar. I mean, you can’t beat that! They also have the best options for affordable seasonal decor. But you have to get there fast! They sell out of items QUICK and most of their locations don’t restock, they just move on to the next season/holiday.

I knew I wanted to get some more Fall floral stems so I went the other day to stock up and got some great stuff! I was SO impressed with the quality of their Fall stems, the hydrangeas, burlap sunflowers, and burlap maple leaves were my favorite!

Speaking of burlap, I love the texture and look that burlap gives when decorating for Fall and it’s so easy and versatile to use for multiple decor ideas.

One of my favorite things are burlap drawstring bags. We bought these in bulk when we owned our boutique store, and our customers always went crazy over them! When we closed our store I kept a lot of what we had left over, and I still have hundreds of multiple sizes and use them constantly.

They’re great for gifts and goody bags, but I also love using them for decorating!

You can fit them around a potted plant (to hold the water in) or without a pot. I use them to wrap around my IKEA faux foliage plants (the best quality foliage plants!) and I think it turned out so cute!

Another one of my favorite ways to use burlap bags is decorating tablescapes. I use the bigger size bags (6×10 or 10×14) as placemats and the smaller size (4×6) as a utensil holder.

Can ya tell I love these bags?  The possibilities are endless!

Burlap Fall Thanksgiving Autumn TablescapeFall Burlap Sacks Tablescape Decorating Thanksgiving Table

Plant Wrapped in Burlap SackPlant Wrapped in Burlap BagBurlap Sack Plant Fall Decorations

What are you go-to favorite decor items for Fall? Where do you shop to get affordable seasonal decorations? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Friday Friends!

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easy and budget friendly fall decor ideas with items from dollar tree

If you love it - Share it!

One thought on “Favorite Fall Decor That’s Easy + Affordable

  1. Great ideas! I never thought to use the burlap bags like that! It’s perfection! I also like to go for walks and collect my own decor. Acorns and pecans look adorable in little bowls or mason jars tied with a burlap ribbon. And I love finding beautiful fall colored leaves on the ground by the lake with my boys!

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