Chinoiserie Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Chic Holiday Home

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Decorate your home in chinoiserie chic Christmas decor with blue and white ginger jars, cheetah and gingham holiday pillows, Christmas chinoiserie wrapping paper, and chinoiserie Christmas ornaments. Which chinoiserie Christmas decoration is your favorite? 

chinoiserie chic christmas decor

Chinoiserie Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Holiday Home

It’s beginning to look a lot like chinoiserie Christmas in our house!

I’m decorating for Christmas a little bit differently this year. I like to change up my seasonal decor each year, and this year I’m feeling all things chinoiserie chic!

I’m still planning out my Christmas decor and going through Christmas items in the attic, but I think I’m leaning towards a lot of blue and white and *gasp* reds.

If you’ve been around for holiday decor in years past, you know I rarely decorate with the color red. It’s just not my favorite in my home. 

But I think I’m turning a corner this year!

I love to play around with different colors and themes, and I really love the classic blue and white with touches of Christmas red this season.

Some chinoiserie Christmas items I’ve got my eye on are these adorable chinoiserie pillows, chinoiserie chic wrapping paper, and ginger jar ornaments.

Which chinoiserie Christmas items are you favorite??

Chinoiserie Nutcracker Hostess Towel Blue and White Gingham

chinoiserie gingham nutcracker tea towel

Blue and White Chinoiserie Planter with Christmas Tree Tea Hand Towel

chinoiserie christmas tea towel blue and white christmas

Ginger Jar Christmas Wrap Ginger Jar Gift Tags Chinoiserie

chinoiserie christmas gift tags

Christmas Pillow Ginger Jar Blue and White Chinoiserie Chic Christmas Pillow

red blue and white ginger jar pillow

Wrapping Paper Chinoiserie Christmas Tree Blue and White Ginger Jar

chinoiserie christmas tree wrapping paper

Christmas Chinoiserie Cheetahs Gingham Blue and White Christmas Pillow

cheetah ginger jar gingham blue and white pillow

Chinoiserie Chic Inspired Christmas Ornaments Blue and White

blue and white chinoiserie ornaments

Christmas Chinoiserie Cheetahs Gingham Green and White Christmas Pillow

green gingham chinoiserie pillow


Ginger Jar Christmas Ornament | Personalized Family Christmas Ornament

ginger jar Christmas ornament


Chinoiserie Tree Blue and White Chinoiserie Decor Cone

chinoiserie christmas cone tree

Hand Painted Ginger Jar Chinoiserie Christmas Ornaments

ginger jar ornaments

Chinoiserie Christmas Nutcracker Coasters Blue and White Gingham

chinoiserie nutcracker coasters


Chinoiserie Christmas Boho Pink Bamboo Chair Lantern Pillow

christmas pillow

Christmas Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper French Chair

christmas wrapping paper

Wrapping Paper Chinoiserie Christmas Tree Pink and Green

chinoiserie wrapping paper pink

Ginger Jar Juggle Pink Reindeer with Lidded Antique Blue & White Jars

ginger jar chinoiserie coffee mug


Chinoiserie Snow Globe Monogrammed Ginger Jar

ginger jar personalized coffee mug


More Chinoiserie Chic Favorites:

chinoiserie chic pillows with greek key pattern, pagodas, jaguars, monograms, and bright preppy colors

I can’t wait to start decorating my home for Christmas and spreading chinoiserie holiday decor throughout the house!

Have you started decorating yet? What area of your home do you decorate for Christmas first? I usually start in the kitchen and living room, and decorate our tree in the foyer last.

Happy holiday decorating!




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