Ombre Painted Pumpkins DIY | Easy Fall Mantel Tutorial

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 Looking for simple and stylish fall mantel decor ideas? Create an easy fall mantel with this ombre painted pumpkins DIY. You can make your own ombre pumpkins with our simple step by step pumpkin painting tutorial. Let’s get painting!

Pumpkin painting ideas

Make your own ombre pumpkins

Welcome to our coastal blue fall home 🙂

Blue is definitely my “fall color” this year. Last year it was pink, but this year I’m having a love affair with the color blue! (Shhh..Don’t tell my pink kitchen ceiling and pink stock tank pool)

I love the timeless yet trendy vibe that comes from the color blue. Y’all know I love to spray paint my collection of pumpkins every year, so this year I decided to go ALL out with blues!

The ombre pumpkin painting trend looked so fun, so I picked out some of my favorite blue  spray paint colors and went to town making an ombre pumpkin fall mantel. Read below for my easy step-by-step tutorial on how to paint ombre pumpkins for your own fall decor!

How to Paint Ombre Pumpkins

Ombre pumpkins paint tutorial for easy fall decor DIY

How to paint pumpkins with spray paint - the easy way!

I went to my local Walmart and picked out 5 shades of blue spray paint – technically 4 because I already had navy. I tried to find shades of blue that ranged from light to dark, and that weren’t too bright, but had more of a coastal tone to them. 

The blue spray paint colors I chose were: 

Navy Blue

Spa Blue

Slate Blue (I ended up not using this color, it was a little too dark grey for me)

French Blue

Solstice Blue

And also White

How to paint ombre pumpkins

I brought down my assortment of pumpkins I’ve collected over the years from the attic. I like to buy cheap pumpkins from Dollar Tree, Amazon, Walmart, or Michael’s and then paint them!

When I’m ready to start spray painting, I lay down a cardboard box or extra piece of plywood and spread out the pumpkins. I wipe down the pumpkins with a lint free cloth first. There’s two different ways I will spray paint pumpkins: one is less messy but more time consuming, and the other is more messy but faster. I tend to start out with the less messy way, but get impatient and start doing the faster way 🙂 

The less messy way is to spray the pumpkins from the top, while the are sitting face up on the cardboard. I spray in quick short motions all around the pumpkin, getting about 2/3 of the pumpkin sprayed. Then I wait for it to dry, and I’ll turn the pumpkin upside down to spray paint the bottom sides that I couldn’t reach the first round. 

The messy way is to hold the pumpkin by the stem with one hand, and spray paint it with the other hand, while spinning the pumpkin around. This way, you are able to get all sides and the bottom sprayed at once, but will spray your fingers holding the stem in the process! When I have a LOT of pumpkins to spray paint, this is usually what I end up doing so that it goes faster. 

Painted Pumpkins - Easy Fall Decor DIY

Depending on what color the pumpkin is to begin with, I will do about 2-3 coats to get full coverage. The navy pumpkins I only had to do 1 coat of paint, but the white pumpkins I did 3 coats total. 

After all of the pumpkins are dry, I grab a small paint brush and gold acrylic paint to paint the stems. The added touch of gold gives the pumpkins a more polished modern look. 

On the mantel, I arranged the bigger pumpkins of each color first. Then I filled in the holes with the mini pumpkins of the same color, going from darkest to lightest. 

Coastal Blue Ombre Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkin painting ideas

Pumpkin painting ideas creative

I like to stack some pumpkins on top or on side of one another, and some facing in different directions. This helps bundle the pumpkins together and create a wavy flow of one color to the next. 

Ombre blue pumpkins

Simple pumpkin painting

For an added decor touch on the ends of the mantel, I also made DIY orchid arrangements and painted the planters in matching white and blue.

I’m working on a DIY Potted Orchid blog post and will post the tutorial soon! They were SO easy to make, and much more cost effective than buying one already made, which can get pricey!

Stylish Fall Mantle Decor Ideas

Fall mantel ideas

Beautiful fall mantel decorating ideas

How do I decorate my mantel in the fall?

Modern fall mantel

I love how the ombre painted pumpkins look on our fall mantel! The colors of blue fit in perfectly with our furniture and coastal decor in our home. 

The blue ombre pumpkins bring a fun fall style to our living room and is an easy way to add fall touches to a fall mantel or fall tablescape. 

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ombre painted pumpkins easy fall DIY

Have you ever painted ombre pumpkins? What tips or tricks do you have when it comes to pumpkin painting? 

I hope you enjoyed this simple ombre pumpkin painting tutorial! 

Happy pumpkin painting!



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