One Room Challenge Week Five – Office Makeover

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It’s week five of the One Room Challenge!  It’s getting so close to the end! This week we installed the faux marble vinyl flooring, we hung the gorgeous greek key trim roman shades, and I started bringing in some office furniture including my new desk and rug! So excited to share with you this week’s progress – it’s finally starting to look like an office!!

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office makeover update on one room challenge week 5

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This week was another busy one! Over the weekend, we finished laying the faux marble vinyl peel and stick tile. Bryan made the cuts for all the edge pieces – and we realized we were exactly one tile short. We have that last piece to install and then Bryan will wrap the trim around all the edges to give it a completed look. The vinyl tiles look so good! WAY better than I was expecting!! I will show a little bit of the tile in the photos below, but I want to dedicate an entire blog post to talking about the install and how easy it was – stay tuned for a flooring blog post coming soon!!

Another big item that was installed were the greek key roman shades. They are so gorgeous! I love how they completely change the look of the windows and classy design on this wall. 

I also put together my new desk and received my rug!! Check out which rug I picked (after the much drawn out debate) plus the other week five changes below!

Greek Key Roman Shades

greek key trim roman shades in office makeover

greek key trim roman shades in navy and white window shades with greek key trim

Here are the greek key trim roman shades! Aren’t they so pretty?

I was debating which type of greek key trim to use, and after seeing these on Etsy I knew they were the winner! I wanted roman shades that had a sleek and classy design, but didn’t feel too traditional and stuffy. I love the simple ribbon greek trim on the edges, and that it has the modern + elegant look I am going for.

Roman shades with the greek key trim are pretty pricey, unfortunately. These window coverings will be one of the most expensive items in the room! But I feel they are worth the price! The classy design element they add to the room is just what was needed – and luckily we were able to cut costs in other purchases (the floors) to make up for it. Designing a space on a budget is all about compromise – which items you want to splurge a little on, and what other areas you can go budget-friendly to even out the costs. I’m so glad I went for it and splurged on the shades! 

Office Furniture and Decor

office design with greek key window shades and white desk and pink rug

faux marble vinyl peel and stick tile flooring in office makeover

feminine girl boss office design with chinoiserie wallpaper, modern white desk, floral pink rug and greek key window shades

I was excited to finally bring in some office furniture into the room now that the flooring is (mostly) complete! 

After many many hours spent researching rug options, comparing my final picks, going back and forth and back again in my head (funny the things you get caught up on! Rugs always do it for me) – I picked a rug! And surprise, it was the original rug I picked all along. I was worried about some of the colors in the rug, and also if the 5×7 would be big enough. I’m actually glad that I went with the smaller rug option because you can see more of the flooring and also the colors in the rug don’t feel too overwhelming.

The white desk is one of the first purchases I made for the office. I saw the ornate design on the legs and knew it would fit in perfect for my whimsical office design. It was really easy to put together, the only thing I had to do was attach the legs. I love how it looks over the colorful rug and whimsy wallpaper in the background!

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Next week is the big reveal! We still have SO much to do – we need to install cabinets and countertops, and hang several wall decor items on the wall, and hang the chandelier. To be honest, I’m really worried that our cabinets and countertops won’t be installed in time. But Bryan assures me it’s going to work out, so I’m trying not to stress about it. I’m so happy with the progress we’ve made this far and to show you the final design! 

I’m excited to see everyone’s updates this week – make sure you check out all the featured designers and guest participants. There’s so many creative room makeovers happening, and everyone is making such great progress! It’s inspiring to see!!

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