Stock Tank Pool (That’s Hot Pink!) and DIY Deck

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I’m so excited to show you are latest outdoor DIY: Our stock tank pool & deck! No more inflatable pools that get thrown out every Summer – this stock tank swimming pool is here for the long haul. The kids love their new pink pool and this mama is in love too! Scroll down to the bottom to see our DIY stock tank pool supply list!

How to Build A Stock Tank Pool - And Spray Paint Pink!

Stock Tank Pool That's Hot Pink!

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Here she is! Our hot pink stock tank pool! Have y’all heard of these/seen these before? I saw a photo on Instagram a few months ago with a stock tank pool painted bright yellow (by @sunwoven) I thought it was the coolest thing! When I showed Bryan the picture of course his first words were: how much does it cost?? We did LOTS of research, and realized it wasn’t too expensive especially with the amount we were wasting on buying 1-2 inflatable pools every summer, only for them to pop, rip and get thrown out!

Check Out Our UPDATED Stock Tank Pool and Deck - One Year Later!

how to paint a stock tank pool

Once I got Bryan on-board, we talked about building a big deck and bench to go around the pool. I started scrolling through Pinterest and my design brain started taking off! We were so excited to start this outdoor DIY project and create a fun space we could hang out on Summer days and nights with our family and friends.

DIY Stock Tank Pool and Deck

DIY Stock Tank Pool We Painted Pink! And the DIY Deck we built for our Stock Tank Pool

Hanging Chair Swing on our DIY Deck built for our Pink Stock Tank Pool

DIY Stock Tank Pool (That's Pink!) How We Built Our Stock Tank Pool and Deck

How To Build a Stock Tank Pool (And Paint it Pink!) Best Stock Tank Pool DIY

I wanted a deck with a modern feel – I loved the look of skinny horizontal boards on the back wall and roof. I also loved the look of black + white instead of more traditional stained cedar. The deck gave us some trouble at first, trying to figure out the best boards to use (that were long and skinnier shape) without them warping. Once we figured out the right wood to use, we were on our way!

We plan to paint all the boards black, but with treated wood we have to wait until the boards dries out (about 1-2 months). I will post another blog post when all the wood is painted so y’all can see! We’re also adding on two more phases of decking, which I’ll keep y’all updated with that progress too!

How to Build a Stock Tank Pool

Best Stock Tank Pools Biggest Stock Tank Pool - How to Build a Stock Tank Pool

How to Build a Deck for your Stock Tank Pool

Pink Stock Tank Pool and Deck Reveal! Spray Painted our Pool Pink = Best Decision Ever!

DIY Deck for our new hot pink stock tank pool

Why we love our stock tank pool - best decision ever!

We were a little intimidated with the stock tank pool – we didn’t know exactly how it worked and had SO many questions! How much are stock tank pools? How to clean a stock tank pool? Do stock tank pools rust? Luckily, there’s a few guides online now with very detailed instructions! There’s various opinions on what supplies to buy, to paint or not to paint?, etc. but I will provide the information that I found MOST helpful.

We followed this guide, with a few changes. My husband Bryan did NOT think it was necessary to use the silicone sealant (in his words: sealant is used when covering up a job you messed up or short-term fix, not as a long-term solution) Instead of sealing around the holes you cut for the pump, we used a couple extra rubber washers on each hole – as these form and mold tightly around the curved edges of the pool. This solution has had ZERO leaks since we installed the filter and pump a month ago!

Stock Tank Pool FAQs:

How much are stock tank pools?

We searched online to find the best stock tank pool option, and after researching we bought the 8 ft extra large stock tank from our local Tractor Supply. We paid $409, I’ve seen the price vary from  $389-$419. You can order online here and pickup at your local Tractor Supply store. Or you can order online and get it delivered to your house (if you don’t have a Tractor Supply nearby or a vehicle to fit it in!) and you will pay an extra $100+ for shipping and delivery. They also have a 6 ft stock tank that’s $289, but I think the 6 ft would be too small. The 8 ft size is perfect for what we wanted. Amazon also carries a few stock tank options – here and here – but they are smaller and more expensive!

How to clean a stock tank pool?

  These instructions are what we followed on adding a pool filter and pump to our pool to keep it clean. We also bought chlorine tablets to put in a floating pool dispenser, and test the chlorine each week with the pool water test kit. We are also talking about getting a small pool cleaner for the bottom of the pool – I’ll update ya’ll if we purchase one and if it works!

Do stock tank pools rust?

There are mixed views on what will make the stock tank start to rust and how to prevent it. What I learned was that the chlorine can cause the pool to rust, but if you buy a floating pool dispenser to put the chlorine tabs in (instead of adding chlorine directly to the water) this helps prevent the pool from rusting. I also plant to drain the pool in the winter and touch up any areas that have chipped or started to rust with pink spray paint. I’ll keep y’all updated on how the pool and paint wear over time!


how to setup stock tank pool diy supplies list and tutorial


How to build a stock tank pool and deck for your backyard

This pool and deck was a major labor of love, y’all. (MOSTLY the deck – the stock tank pool was actually easy!) It took quite a bit of trial and error and we’re still learning and tweaking a few things as we go. But I LOVE this outdoor space and so happy with how it turned out!!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions!! I’d be happy to answer anything you want to know about the stock tank pool or building the deck – leave a comment below! Also tag me if you build your own!! I love seeing the creative ways people are incorporating the stock tank pools in their backyard!




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21 thoughts on “Stock Tank Pool (That’s Hot Pink!) and DIY Deck

    1. Hey! There’s a drain plug on the bottom side of stick tank that you can unscrew to drain the water

  1. Hi Merichelle, (such a beautiful name) I love your back yard oasis. I’ve been scouring the internet for deck ideas and your deck style is something I can vision myself realaxing on in my tiny Rhode Island city; even without the pool. Any chance you can share the deck plans?

    1. Hi Marie! Thank you so much! I have been trying to get my husband to draw out the deck plans so I can upload them on the site, he was the mastermind behind our deck build, but it was a lot of trial and error, so we don’t have any originals. I’ll message you once that happens!! 🙂

    1. Hey Jacqueline! I’m working on getting my husband to draw some plans up – we’ve had several people ask! He did a lot of it in his head lol. I’m going to try to upload something soon, I’ll message you when I do!! 🙂

    1. Hi Janel! They are treated 1/6 lumber
      We rounded edges and cutoff through a table saw, then cut in half with a table saw.

  2. Hey Priscila! How exciting! We had some tiny spots on the bottom of the pool where paint started to come off last summer. I wrote a detailed one year recap here:

    We didn’t do any extra steps with painting – no sanding, paint thinner or white vinegar. Might not hurt to try? But the outside of ours held up fine last summer. Only the inside had some fading and spots that we touched up before re-filling it again this spring.

    Hope that helps!! I’d love to see your finished pool – Send me a photo when your done!

  3. Hi you backyard looks amazing!! we just bought a stock tank yesterday and are thinking about painting the inside with a leak seal and painting it blue. Did you have any problem with paint peeling? I’m reading a lot of blogs and a lot of them are saying not to paint because it will start to peel off. Also did you have to use any extra steps before painting the inside and outside? A lot of blogs says to apply paint thinner, sand and apply a white vinegar before painting. I would really appreciate any information that helped out your process.

  4. Could you please give an update on how your paint is holding up?? Also, did you prime first with the rustoleum Leakseal you linked? Any leaks? I’ve noticed several bad reviews on the Tractor Supply website with ppl complaining about leaks! Thanks!

    1. Hi! I’m actually working on my 1 year update post right now! I will hopefully post it in the next few days. We’ve had zero leaks. We used the Rustoleum Leak Seal on the inside before painting it pink. Also, I saw those reviews on tractor supply too before we started – and it made me really nervous. Our tractor supply had the stock tanks with the bonding band down the center (see my photo before we painted it) this band is what I think helps the most! I think they used to make the stock tanks without that band down the middle and that caused a lot of leaks. But, we also did lots of research and lots of stock tank pool DIY websites said to use the Leak Seal as well, so we did that too as an extra precaution. I hope that helps!!

    2. Did you have any problems with the leak seal peeling off the bonding band once it was filled with water?

    1. thank you so much Tracy!!! We are loving this fun new spot in our backyard!!

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