9 Best Stock Tank Pool Ideas | Creative DIY Swimming Pools

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I’ve made a list of the BEST stock tank pool designs to inspire you for your own galvanized pool in your backyard! Each of these creative DIY swimming pools are unique, with some that are painted, and some having steps and surrounding decks. All of them are incredibly fun and creative ideas for outdoor pool designs!

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Hunter Premo Stock Tank Pool with painted stripes

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9 Best Stock Tank Pool Ideas | Creative DIY Swimming Pools

You might first be asking –

What's a stock tank pool?

A stock tank is traditionally used as a watering trough for livestock, that has recently become trendy to turn into DIY swimming pools. You can easily turn these galvanized stock tanks into a pool by adding a pump with a filter system, and keeping it clean with chlorine tabs in a pool cleaner floater.

There has been lots of buzz the last couple years with this affordable and trendy pool option, and the designs that people have come up with are super creative!!

Before we designed our own stock tank pool, I searched the web for the most creative pool designs and deck ideas. I wanted to share with you my top favorite stock tank pools I’ve found, in case you are searching for your own ideas on how to design your own DIY swimming pool!

Best Stock Tank Pools That Are Painted

Sun Woven Stock Tank Pool DIY How To Painted Stock Tank Swimming Pool

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Arrows and Bow Stock Tank Pool painted white

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Hunter Premo Stock Tank Pool with painted stripes

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Sun Woven‘s gorgeous light blue stock tank pool was the first galvanized pool I saw painted. She first had it painted blue and now it is a bright yellow. Seeing her post about painting her pool really pushed me to go out on a limb to paint mine!

I also love her views on painting the stock tank pool – she says that painting the pool might not be for everyone – if you are an overly perfectionist, or not OK with having to do touch-ups over time, DON’T paint. But, I am perfectly OK with having to do paint touch-ups every so often, if it means I can have a bright color painted pool in my backyard!

Best Stock Tank Pool Ideas With Bench Seating or Deck

Hey Wanderer Stock Tank Pool with DIY Bench The Original Stock Tank Pool

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Stoneways Swim Club DIY deck and stock tank pool swimming pool design

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joshua tree air bnb white cactus house desert living underground stock tank pool DIY

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Hey Wanderer is the original stock tank pool that made these galvanized swimming pools SO popular! They have so much helpful DIY tutorials on their website on how to setup your stock tank pool, how to clean your stock tank pool, and even how to turn your stock tank pool into a hot tub!

Their site is my go-to for all things stock tank pool related. I also love the wrap around bench they built around their pool for extra seating (they also have a tutorial on how to build a pool bench!) 

Creative Stock Tank Pool Design with Pool Liner

Cuckoo 4 Design Stock Tank Pool With Pool Liner

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I would have NEVER thought of putting in a pool liner on a stock tank pool, until I saw Cuckoo 4 Design pool idea. The pool liner ideas is so creative! If you are worried about rust and leaking, this looks like a great option. She gives a full tutorial on how to install the pool liner on her blog. Plus, she also includes how they built this pool around a sloped area in her backyard.

All My Favorites: Painted Stock Tank Pool with Deck and Steps

Emerson Grey Designs Stock Tank Pool Painted Black and DIY Steps

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best stock tank pool ideas that keep you cool in the summer

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My all-time favorite designs are the stock tank pools that have paint + also have steps and wrap around bench seating. I might be a little biased, because these are the options that I chose for my own stock tank pool design! Painted stock tank pools add such a fun design element to the backyard. This painted black stock tank pool by Emerson Grey Designs is so sleek and modern! 

When we first designed our deck for the pool, we didn’t have steps or a wrap around bench. After we saw our kids playing in the pool it made since for us to add both of these. The steps make it easy for our young kids to get in and out of the pool.  And the bench seat helps add extra seating for those that want to sit and watch or just put their feet in. 

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The 9 BEST Stock Tank Pool Design Ideas and DIY Pool Decks

What are your favorite design elements for stock tank pools? I just love seeing the unique ideas that everyone is coming up with for these DIY swimming pools! Let me know if you have any stock tank pool questions in the comments. I’ll be happy to answer – I love talking about all things stock tank!




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  1. Hello, are these pools for adult use as well? Is there any that are 4’ deep. 1’ or 2’ tank pools seems so low. I get it that it’s a place to cool off on hot days. Do you have an idea the cost of a liner? What needs to be done for the winter. I’m in PA and our winters are not extreme but we are not without the surprise snow storms. You mention making the stock tank a hot tub. Is it possible to do both? That would be cool. Do you leave your filter on all the time? I’m concerned about overall electricity costs. I thoroughly enjoyed you blog about the stock tank pool.

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