One Room Challenge Week Four: All in the {Closet & Laundry} Details!

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It’s week four of the One Room Challenge! This week I am sharing design details of our master closet & laundry room. We’ve picked out our lighting, paint colors, wallpaper, flooring, and a few functional and decorative decor items. I’m excited to share all the fun laundry and closet design details with you!

one room challenge design board laundry room master closet

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We’ve made it to week four of the One Room Challenge!

I say this every week – but we’ve made a LOT of progress this past week! Bryan added paneling to the closet walls, we extended the tile from the laundry room into the closet area, removed the old mud bench and started re-configuring a new locker mud bench area, and part of our closet is now installed! You can also stay in the loop with our daily updates on our Instagram Stories 🙂 

I thought I’d dedicate this week four post though to share all the fun design details we’ve decided on. This is the MOST fun part to me!

Today I’m sharing our wallpaper, paint, lighting, wall art, flooring and ceiling choices. I’m loving the soothing, calm, coastal feel that this room will have.

Wallpaper and Paint Colors

Jennifer Latimer Crete Wallpaper and Fabric Design coastal blue wallpaper

Several months ago I ordered a few wallpaper samples for a different space in our house – but once we started working on the master closet & laundry area, I knew this wallpaper would be perfect! I just discovered Jennifer Latimer and the gorgeous wallpaper she creates – I fell in love with the soft french blue shades and geometric watercolor design this wallpaper has.

The wallpaper will go on the back wall of the closet. It’s a small area but will make a big design impact! It’s the wall you see right when you walk into the combined closet & laundry space, and is the area visible from the open walkway. 

To carry on the design of the wallpaper in other spaces of the room, I will also be making a DIY bench, pillow and cushion with the same design fabric! Check out all the gorgeous designs on JLL Designs website – there’s so many gorgeous wallpaper and fabric patterns to choose from. 

sherwin williams grey blue paint samples starry night soothing white opalescent

If you’ve been watching my Instagram Stories, you know we’ve been testing out a LOT of paint colors for this big space. The color I’ve been trying to decide on is the color that all of the built-in laundry cabinets, mud bench, and closet shelves, cabinet doors and drawers will be. This makes up 90% of the wall space in the room, so I wanted to make sure we got the color right! 

I wanted to have a soft, cool, subtle color that would match well with the wallpaper. We tested several light gray, grey-blue paint colors to see what would compliment the wallpaper best. 

The paint color we were drawn to most is Sherwin Williams Starry Night. It has a subtle periwinkle tint that picks up the same shade as the lightest color in the wallpaper. But it still felt a little too purplish to me, so we tried the Sherwin Williams Starry Night paint at 75% and 50%. This basically takes the base color of the paint (Extra White) and adds 25% less or 50% less color into the paint. 

After testing out these lighter shades of Starry Night, we decided on the Starry Night at 50%. It feels more soft blue-grey and less purple, and I think will not be too overwhelming with all the cabinets that are in this space.

I can’t wait to get all of the cabinets and shelving installed and painted – I think the paint and wallpaper combination is going to take this master closet & laundry room to the next level!

Closet & Laundry Room Ceiling and Flooring

daltile emblem gray ceramic tile

We already had this grey wood look tile in our laundry room, and it’s also the flooring throughout most of our downstairs common areas. 

The master closet had carpet, and an ugly bleach stain on the carpet from a year ago when I accidentally spilled bleach! I was so happy to see the carpet get pulled up and that bleach stain gone!

The tile  was installed when we built our house five years ago, so I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to find. I couldn’t find our original design choices paperwork, but luckily with a few google searches we found the match! Now the gray wood look tile is extended in the master closet area – and it really helps the spaces feel cohesive, like it was meant to be one big space all along!

We also are adding shiplap on the ceiling, and a few small wall spaces that will not be covered with cabinets. The shiplap color will be Sherwin Williams Extra White, which will be a crisp backdrop for the coastal light fixtures and soft greyish-blue painted cabinets. 

Lighting and Artwork Decor

World Market Basketweave Bamboo Pendant Shade - beach house pendant lighting

These basketweave bamboo pendants were one of my first design purchases for this master closet & laundry renovation! I thought they’d bring a cool coastal vibe to the space, especially when hanging from a bright white shiplap ceiling. There are three spaced out pendant lights throughout the room, but because these light fixtures only have one light bulb, were also adding a few can lights to the ceiling as well. 

Danielle Cather Cohen Art Lake Pastel - coastal artwork

There’s only a few small wall spaces that won’t have built-in cabinets, and I knew exactly what I wanted to fill the wall with! My favorite Charleston artist, Danielle Cather Cohen, creates beautiful coastal art pieces – my first artwork from her were the Rose Marsh Duo prints we hung in our breakfast nook area when we remodeled our kitchen

Danielle’s Lake Pastel canvas is another serene landscape that ties in all the soft coastal colors we’re using in this space. Check out all her beautiful coastal inspired pieces on her website, she’s incredible talented and has so many gorgeous artwork to choose from!

one room challenge design board laundry room master closet

These next 3-4 weeks are going to be SUPER busy – but we are up for the challenge. Bryan and I were looking at dates in the calendar this morning and thinking, can we actually make this work?! We are going into super production mode and going to try our best – I think we can make it happen! 

Stay tuned for more installs and design updates as we get to the final stretch. I share even more behind the scenes on Instagram Stories if you want to follow along!

I’m excited to see everyone’s updates this week – make sure you check out all the featured designers and guest participants. There’s so many creative room makeovers happening and I love seeing everyone’s creative room designs come to life!

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