ORC Spring 2020 Week Two: Knocking Down Walls & Double Washer/Dryer!

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It’s week two of the One Room Challenge! We’ve been knocking down walls, building support beams, and all the not-so-pretty structural tasks this week (and by “we” – I mean Bryan!) There was one major issue with knocking down the wall between the laundry room and master closet – read below to see how we fixed it!

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ORC Spring 2020 Week Two

Did You Catch My Week One Updates?

one room challenge

We’re at week two! There’s been a lot of structural obstacles and changes this week to open up this combo laundry + master closet space. 

I’m not gonna lie, this week was mainly a “Bryan week”.

I’ve been plugging away behind the computer making design plans while he’s been busy working HARD on this room!

He knocked down the walls between the laundry room and master closet, and also knocked down the other small wall between our garage and master closet. He moved the door to the garage so that it would be in line with the rest of the walls and open up the space. He had to pour concrete into the area that used to be the garage to level the flooring, built supports in the attic and re-configured the laundry room hoses and vents to hold two washers and dryers.

WHEW! I’m tired just typing all the stuff he’s been doing, ha. I don’t know what I’d do without him! He makes all my crazy design dreams happen, with only a *slight* disagreement or eye-roll. (Sarcasm here. In case you missed the pink wallpaper fight 😉 )

But seriously. I’m so lucky that he puts up with all my home renovation ideas and design changes that come with this blogging gig, and also are a part of my need to always evolve and be creative!

Here’s a look at what Bryan’s working on – while I documented + shopped online for rolling laundry carts, coastal light fixtures, and wallpaper!

Knocking Down Walls

The first wall that came down was the wall between the laundry room and our master closet. Once that first wall came down the project seemed REAL. We were connecting our laundry room and closet!! It was cool to see how big this combo space was going to be!

After that wall came down, Bryan also knocked down the small angled wall between the garage and master closet. 

We took down this angled wall so that the shared master closet and laundry room could turn into one big rectangle space, and all the walls would line up evenly. 

There was a LOT of work to gain about 8 square feet. But it was worth it!!

Building Support Beams

ORC Week Two Laundry Room Master Closet4

ORC Week Two Laundry Room Master Closet7

ORC Week Two Laundry Room Master Closet6

ORC Week Two Laundry Room Master Closet5

Bryan realized that the wall that we knocked down was supporting lots of beams from the closet and laundry room. Therefore, we needed to add 2 large support beams across the middle of the laundry room and closet. One below the attic and another within the attic.

There were two main roof beams supported by this wall we removed. Bryan added six new boards from the roof to other beams to spread out the weigh load before removing the wall between the rooms. He also set up temporary beams downstairs to support the weight from when the wall was removed to when the beams could be installed.

Pouring Concrete After Moving The Door

ORC Week Two Laundry Room Master Closet8

ORC Week Two Laundry Room Master Closet9

ORC Week Two Laundry Room Master Closet10

Once we framed the new “straight” wall, we were able to cut the framing around the door to fit into new framing keeping us from ever having to uninstall and reinstall the door. This saved a lot of time and I thought was pretty cool we could keep all the framing in place!

Bryan used a couple bags of concrete to level the area in front of the door that used to be in the garage. I think he’s even using Cade’s play shovel in the picture above, lol.

Installing Double Washer and Dryer Sets

laundry room makeover before photos one room challenge

The removed walls and added beams seems like alot —  BUT Bryan says the most challenging part of this week’s work was re-plumbing and adding additional power in the laundry area in order to be able to run 2 washers and 2 dryers at the same time. 

He spent a lot of time running the new plugs and doubling up all of the water supply lines and drains!

ORC Week Two Laundry Room Master Closet12

And I LOVE having the new set of stacked washers and dryers! To be honest, Bryan was the one that wanted to get the double sets – I thought he was kinda crazy. But it has been so nice being able to run two loads at a time!!

It was a busy week, and next week we’re getting even busier! Bryan is designing and building the cabinets around the washer and dryer, and I’m starting to look at ideas for wallpaper, cabinet paint colors, and designing the closet! 

So much work and fun decisions to come!!

I’m excited to see everyone’s updates this week – make sure you check out all the featured designers and guest participants. There’s so many creative room makeovers happening!

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