Outdoor Patio Decor That’s Budget Friendly & Trendy!

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How can I decorate my patio on a budget? I’ve got some simple patio decorating ideas for you! I’m sharing my easy patio decorating ideas to create the ultimate backyard oasis. Simple, chic ideas for your outdoor decor – that’s also budget friendly!

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How can I decorate my patio?

Outdoor Patio Decor That's Budget Friendly & Trendy!

I am excited to show yall our new patio decor! 

A couple of months ago I shared our stock tank pool one year update on this post, with the second phase of the deck still empty. I’ve spent the last few weeks shopping for furnishings and now it’s complete with new patio furniture and decor.

I’ve been dreaming up this outdoor deck space since Bryan built it last summer, and it’s so exciting to now having it complete!DIY deck painted black and white

Today I’ll be sharing my budget friendly decorating ideas for outdoor spaces. We are currently undergoing a big renovation with our master closet and laundry room for the One Room Challenge, so I knew I needed to keep costs low when decorating the deck. I sold a lot of our old patio furniture and used that money to buy most of new patio decor items. 

Outdoor furniture and decor can usually be pretty pricey, but I love finding creative ways to get a chic patio look for less. Below I share my simple tips to decorating your backyard on a budget!

Budget Friendly Patio Ideas

How can I decorate my patio?

When decorating a new outside or inside space I look at adding four new decorating layers: 

  1. Furniture – The first layer will typically be the bigger furniture. For a backyard patio or deck this will be the patio table and chairs, outdoor sofa and chairs, side tables, swings, and benches. Depending what you are wanting the space to be (seating area or eating area) you can pick and choose your patio furniture based on functionality and how you will use the space.
  2. Lighting – The next layer will be your outdoor lighting, if you want to add some more ambience to the backyard. This can be outdoor string lights, garden uplights, wall sconces, ceiling fans or chandeliers. For our new deck we carried over the color changing string lights we also have on the back patio. 
  3. Textiles – The next layer of decorating will be your outdoor textiles. This can be an outdoor rug, outdoor curtains or outdoor decorative pillows. This design layer is important to bring in the colors and style your are wanting your outdoor space to create. 
  4. Decor Accents – The last decorating layer is the most fun (to me!) This will be your items you fill your tables and floors. This can be outdoor florals, plants, planters, lanterns, tabletop decor, decorative trays and baskets. 

cheap patio decorating ideas

For this post we’re going to focus on the last decorating layer – the decor accents! These are the items that sometimes get left behind after focusing on the bigger ticket items like patio furniture and outdoor lighting.

But outdoor decor accents don’t have to add a whole lot to your budget. There’s ways to shop for trendy budget friendly decor accents while still being budget conscience. 

How Can I Decorate My Patio On a Budget?

Where to Buy Affordable Outdoor Furniture

The first thing I like to do when decorating a space on a budget is create a design plan. I’m a very visual person, so I like to create a design visual I can look at and visualize the items I want to buy.

You can also take screenshots of items you see that you like, or create a collage or image board. For people who like visuals, it helps break down the specific items you are looking for your space, either to buy at store, create and DIY yourself, or maybe even a mixture of both!

outdoor table dining area with black table and egg chairs on black and white deck

diy patio decorating ideas

After creating some design visuals, you can start writing out a shopping list. This helps keep me on track and on budget when I’m shopping!

I also try to make a decorating list of “wants” and a list of “needs” An example of a need would be patio table and chairs, and an example of a want might be decorative outdoor curtains or decorative flowers. 

Best Patio and Porch Design Ideas

Now it’s time to set a budget and determine how much your will spend for your decorative “wants”. I was able to find several cute inexpensive decorative accents from one of my favorite discount stores – Burke’s Outlet! I had a few items I was envisioning for the patio but when I researched how much they would be, it was WAY over my budget. 

I decided I would get a little creative and mix a few inexpensive floral and plant items from Burke’s Outlet and create easy DIY decorative accents for my patio!

How Can I Decorate My Patio for the Summer?

How can I decorate my patio for the summer?

Burke’s Outlet has lots of trendy decor items that are super affordable! One of my favorite things to shop for are their decorative trays and baskets, and their faux plants and flower stems. 

I love peonies and I wanted to have a lush peony arrangement as a table centerpiece for my outdoor table. When searching large faux peony arrangements online, I found they were super expensive! Peonies are an expensive plant and cut flower as well, and don’t grow very well in my climate.

I decided that if I wanted a faux peony arrangement look for less, I was going to have to create it myself! I found a large decorative wicker tray from Burke’s Outlet that I thought would be really pretty to create a floral arrangement in. I also found these beautiful light pink peony stems by the bunch from Burke’s Outlet too – how pretty are they!?

With the addition of floral foam pieces, pebble rocks, and moss I created my own chic and lush peony floral arrangement for my patio table.

How can I make my patio look nice?

We have a lot of afternoon snacks and evening treats on the deck while the kids are swimming in the stock tank pool. I found several wicker baskets and trays that I mixed and matched to hold summer drinks and treats. They can also be used to hold more summer stems or floral arrangements. 

covered patio ideas on a budget

I like to fill my patio and deck with greenery and florals, even if they are faux. I try to mix and match real plants in too, but the great thing about investing in quality faux plants is you can have a lush garden look all year round – and no plant maintenance!

I have found lots of inexpensive faux plant options at Burke’s Outlet over the years. I love these square wicker-look planters – they are heavy enough to sustain our strong Texas winds and are so cute!

Best Patio and Porch Design Ideas

I’ve also had an issue with lighter pots and plants blowing over in our backyard – but I found a new trick! If you find a planter that is a light weight, fill it with lots of river rocks and/or a couple broken bricks to weigh it down.

You can cover the tops of the planter with a mixture of moss (or even dead grass!) and more river rocks on top. All of the light weight white planters on the deck have a mixture of bricks and river rock, and they haven’t tumbled over in the wind yet!

cheap patio decor ideas

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our new patio decorations and furniture! I hope I’ve inspired you to create your own backyard oasis look for less!

Happy {budget friendly} patio decorating!




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